JumpingClay is unlike any other clay you've ever used!  



JumpingClay does not crack, crumble, stick, or stain and is scented with a hint of jasmine. It can easily be mixed into any color as easily as mixing paint.  It is light weight, soft to touch and easy to work with for any age group.  No glue is required when sticking the parts together.


No firing.  No baking.  No oven!  JumpingClay air dries without cracking, shrinking, or discoloring. It becomes even lighter when it dries, just as light as foam, and even bounces!   If the clay hasn't fully dried, it can be brought back to its pliable state by spraying with water and kneading.  


It is a unique non-toxic modeling clay, made of all natural fillers that has passed all US safety regulations and numerous other safety tests from around the world.  While we don't recommend that you eat it, it is harmless if accidentally ingested!

The possibilities are endless!

It can be used to create any model or character, pictures and dioramas, fridge magnets, decorations, key chains, and even an imprint of a new baby’s hand or foot.

For even more craft ideas check out our Pinterest page! https://www.pinterest.com/Jumpingclayusa/