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JumpingClay USA


JumpingClay USA


If you can roll a ball, you can create with JumpingClay! 

We offer educational programs and clay activities for children and adults based on simple shapes and step by step modeling instructions. Trained instructors teach workshops and host parties for any kind of celebration.

Our courses have been designed for a wide range of ages and abilities. They encourage creative self-expression, build confidence, and improve fine-motor skills.

Crafting with JumpingClay is a great activity to do with your children! But most of all . . . it's fun and easy!!


JumpingClay could possibly be the best air drying modelling clay in the world. It dries without cracking or crumbling and the colors can be mixed to create any shade you like. It's also completely non-toxic and mess-free as it only sticks it itself!

Our Programs

At our Jumping Clay Academy, we teach classes for all ages and all abilities. From a simple "Clay Date" with your preschooler to a more complicated adult class, our trained instructors will make sure your creations come out beautifully!

our events

Perfect for a special occasion such as a birthday or a unique night out with friends. Our event planner can come up with a craft tailored to you and your guests and our private event room ensures that your experience is first rate.

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JumpingClay is a versatile polymer clay that is easily molded and dries naturally in the air.  It is 100% safe, non-toxic, and completely mess-free. Your finished artwork lasts a life-time.  Best of all, it won’t crack, crumble, stain, or stick!  There are 6 vibrant JumpingClay colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange and of course, the all important white, black, and brown.

Let your creativity take shape!!

I took some students on a field trip to Jumping Clay last week. What an awesome place and Aime is a terrific teacher! She is very patient and her instruction is excellent and makes it possible for children with disabilities to successfully complete a clay craft. My students (and all of us staff) had an awesome time. I would definitely recommend Jumping Clay! Thanks again Aime!
— Colleen N.
My daughter had a great time at her birthday party here last week! We had 10 kids ranging from toddler age to teenagers and they all loved it. Aime and Ashley did an awesome job engaging the kids the entire time they were creating their birthday penguins. If you’re looking for a fun but different way of celebrating your child’s birthday party you should definitely consider giving Jumping Clay a call.
— Yesenia A.
We recently had a birthday party here for our two daughters. There were 13 children total, and they all really enjoyed the activities. Aime and Ashley did an excellent job of leading all of the kids on their projects with an age spread of 2 (with parental help) to 8. It seems like they were born to do things like this with kids.
The kids were all really excited about the Jumping Clay goodie bag to take back in addition to their projects.
Their facility is excellent for a party this size, with about 6 or 7 adults milling about. Thanks guys!
— Aaron E
Amazing place, great people. Will definitely be back.
— Karen G