JumpingClay USA offers a wide range of programs to fit every situation. While the possibilities are endless, we've developed several themed workshops to help get you started.  Most workshops are one hour of step-by-step modeling with instruction and assistance from our trained instructors. While our workshops provide structured content there is lots of room for creativity as each craft ends up being unique and we encourage everyone to make it their own.

Goals of the programs:

  • learn about basic forms and shapes and color mixing
  • build confidence, self-discipline, and encourage creative self-expression
  • help develop fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • enrich, stimulate and improve concentration
  • hands-on experimentation and collaborative working among peers
  • have fun learning through play

Workshops are typically one fun-filled hour led by trained JumpingClay instructors. All materials are included in the price and there is no need to fire or bake it afterwards; simply take it home that very day. Themes change monthly and vary depending on seasons and holidays. Here are a few of our standard workshops:


Our most common and popular workshops!  We recommend ages 5+ (this includes adults - we love to have you join the crafting!)  One hour workshops often follow holidays or seasonal themes and are run by trained instructors. Workshops teach basic color mixing, shaping, and attaching to create your own unique masterpiece!  Since there is no need to bake, you can take your craft home the very same day!   We do advise calling ahead for reservations as we have a maximum of 10 participants per class.

Pre-School Workshops

Moms and Dads... Want to get out of the house and do something with your toddler or preschooler? We can help! Come to JumpingClay for a wide range of activities designed for younger crafters. Let's be honest . . . you might do a lot of the work, but your little ones will love the craft that they helped make!  We recommend ages 2-5, but welcome older siblings too!  We do advise calling ahead for reservations as we have a maximum of 10 participants per class.

1.5 Hour Workshops

We have specially designed workshops for Ages 10-Adult the second Saturday of every month.  These classes move at a slightly faster pace and often include small details.  Some experience is preferred, but not required.  The class  meets 2:30-4pm and all materials are included.  Examples of crafts:  holiday ornaments,  fairy houses on terra cotta pots, and decorating picture frames and mason jars.  Please call for reservations.


These workshops are either longer workshops or meet for consecutive days/weeks to complete a bigger project.  Bigger projects include picture frames, ornaments, or jewelry.  Displays are based on themes such as Polar, coral reef, farm, or camping just to name a few!  Participants build a 3-D landscape and then add animals and details to make their very own unique scene! Reservations are required.  

Adult Classes

Are you crafty? Do you like making things? Want to try a new creative outlet? JumpingClay allows your creativity to take shape and produce phenomenal crafts. You can make something for yourself or your kids.

Not crafty? We can help!! You'll be amazed what you can create with JumpingClay.... No skill required. Honest!

Get a group together and come to us or we can come to you!  Please call for more information and to schedule your group.

School Projects

Do you have a school project and want to add a three-dimensional feature? Come to JumpingClay and we'll help!  We have experience helping students convert their ideas to crafts. Please call ahead so we can be sure we have space and time to work with you!

No school project?  Suggest an idea for us to do as a workshop and we’ll make one together!


Come Jump-in to some JumpingClay!  Like a walk-in, but with jump - get it?!?  Stop by anytime during opening hours to make your own craft with JumpingClay!  We provide the materials and a little instruction and off you go!

Pick something you'd like to make from our many wonderful samples, buy clay refills, a clay set,  or a DIY kit and get started!   

Community groups

JumpingClay is available to work with daycares, pre-schools, libraries, community centers, youth clubs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, senior centers, special needs and disabilities support/services groups and many more organizations! We can provide a fun, educational, and creative activity for your group or organization!  Give us a call to discuss our community pricing and scheduling and how we can work together to create the perfect workshop for your organization!

After-School Programs

Are you interested in having JumpingClay provide an after-school program at your school or organization? Perhaps you're looking for an art activity for your day care, pre-school, library, or summer camp?  Principals, teachers, PTOs, Directors at Parks and Rec or Parents please contact us! Together we can create the perfect program for you!

Currently, we are offering a variety of workshops and classes with the following programs:

East Granby Parks and Recreation Department, East Granby, CT - Looking for something creative to do on Early Dismissal days?  Then the East Granby Parks and Rec Department is your place to go!  We're planning more workshops for the Fall! Workshops offered at the Rec Center.  See their website for more information and registration.

Suffield Parks and Recreation Department, Suffield, CT - We have numerous after-school workshops planned at McAlister and Spaulding schools this school year.  Our next workshops will take place in October and November.  See their website for more information and registration.  

South Windsor Parks and Recreation Department, South Windsor, CT - We will be offering a number of workshops for grades PreK and K-5 this school year!  Our next workshops are scheduled for October and a special workshop on Election Day!  See their website for more information and registration.  

East Windsor Parks and Recreation Department, East Windsor, CT -   We will be working with the Parks and Rec to offer a variety of after-school workshops at Broad Brook Elementary School this school year!  Registration is now OPEN!  See their website for more information and registration.  

Longmeadow Parks and Recreation Department, Longmeadow, MA - We're planning more after school workshops to be held at the Greenwood Center this Fall!  See their website for more information and registration.

Education Resources for Children in Enfield, CT - We're working with ERfC to offer a first ever combination of JumpingClay and the world of Stop Motion Animation at JFK Middle School!    See their website for registration.